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_________"Stories 1.0"__________

Stories 1.0 is the full-length show created by tieing together several of the works selected in the program into a single and unified whole.

                                                                 A Musical Play

                               Book                  	           Music                                  Lyrics
                                                LISA-CATHERINE COHEN                                      SARAH ACKERMAN                                      LISA-CATHERINE COHEN
                                                ENID FUTTERMAN                                              JEFF BLUMENKRANTZ                                                BUDDY DESYLVA
                                                BUDDY DESYLVA                                                     NANCY FORD                                                          JACK FELDMAN
                                                DAVID IVES                                                         GEORGE GERSHWIN                                                ENID FUTTERMAN
                                                SARAGAIL KATZMAN                                          SARAGAIL KATZMAN                                                         DAVID IVES
                                                MICHAEL KOPPY                                           KARL FREDRIK LUNDEBERG                                     SARAGAIL KATZMAN
                                                BRUCE PEYTON                                                     BARRY MANILOW                                                    MICHAEL KOPPY
                                                JOHN PIROMAN                                                    DAVID POMERANZ                                                        MAE RICHARD
                                                DAVID POMERANZ                                                  DAVID SPENCER                                                         LIBBY SAINES
                                                ELSA RAEL                                                              TONI TENNILLE                                                      DAVID SPENCER
                                                LIBBY SAINES                                                          PETER TOLAN                                                     BRUCE SUSSMAN
                                                RON THRONSON                                                     KENNETH VEGA                                                      RON THRONSON
                                                PETER TOLAN                                                                                                                                            PETER TOLAN
                                                KENNETH VEGA                                                                                                                                       KENNETH VEGA															
                                                           Adapted Short Stories by
                                                                 AMBROSE BIERCE          KATE CHOPIN          O.HENRY 
                                                                                                              SAKI         ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON
                                      Orchestrations            Conceived by           Vocal Arrangements
                                   KARL FREDRIK LUNDEBERG               MICHAEL KOPPY                     SCOTT R. McKENZIE

Copyright (c)1922-2016 by Sarah Ackerman, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Lisa-Catherine Cohen, Buddy DeSylva, Jack Feldman, Nancy Ford, Enid Futterman, George Gershwin, David Ives, Saragail Katzman, Michael Koppy, Barry Manilow, Bruce Peyton, John PiRoman, David Pomeranz, Elsa Rael, Mae Richard, Libby Saines, David Spencer, Bruce Sussman, Toni Tennille, Ron Thronson, Peter Tolan, Kenneth Vega, and The Ten-Minute Musicals Project. All rights reserved.

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