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Works Selected in Previous Rounds

Below are the twenty short complete musicals selected into The Ten-Minute Musicals Project as of November 30, 2013. Click the name of the musical to view a short clip. Some of actual workshop productions, some just audio and script.

Presently, clicking a clip automatically redirects and plays that video at YouTube.

*Away to Pago Pago by Jack Feldman, Barry Manilow, John PiRoman, and Bruce Sussman *Blue Monday by George Gershwin and Buddy DeSylva *The Bottle Imp by Kenneth Vega (from the story by Robert Louis Stevenson) *The Fertilization Opera by Peter Tolan *The Furnished Room by Saragail Katzman (from the story by O.Henry) The Hook by Joyce Bramberg (from the story by John Collier entitled “The Chaser”) Love and Money by Morris Bobrow (from the story by O.Henry entitled “The Hypothesis of Failure”) *An Open Window by Sarah Ackerman and Enid Futterman (from the story by Saki entitled “The Open Window”) *At Owl Creek Bridge by Toni Tennille and Ron Thronson (from the story by Ambrose Bierce entitled “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”) *Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread by David Ives Plaisir d’Amour by Walter Edgar Kennon and Terrence McNally *Precious Little Jewel by Jeff Blumenkrantz and Libby Saines (from the story by Kate Chopin entitled “The Story of an Hour”) *Pulp’s Big Favor by Bruce Peyton and David Spencer The Ransom of Red Chief by Brad Alexander and Helen Chayefsky (from the story by O.Henry) *Remember Dancing by Lisa-Catherine Cohen and David Pomeranz Roman Fever by Francesca Blumenthal (from the story by Edith Wharton) *Space for Two by Nancy Ford, Elsa Rael, and Mae Richard Suds and Lovers by Doug Katsaros and June Siegel Ubu Lear by Christopher Durang and Richard Peaslee Woman With Pocketbook by Jeff Blumenkrantz, Annie Kessler, and Libby Saines

*These works are included in the full-length musical Stories 1.0.

Honorable Mentions

Occasionally, works which evince particular creative ability and/or insight don’t really fit into The Ten-Minute Musicals Project, yet deserve recognition. A few are listed below. In coming months and years, we’ll attempt to list other remarkable works we've received or unearthed which similarly deserve such mention.

Shi-Poo-Pi by Sandra Tsing Loh Jones & Sweetwater by Len Penglis Alex and Chelsea by Dennis Livingston Over Texas (from The First Lady Suite) by Michael John LaChiusa Out of Hand by Archie Washington, Dan David, and Mark LaPierre Waiting for Lenny by Norman Weiss and Brown Cardwell A Full Life by Samuel Buckley and John Charles

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